Simple ways to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day!

I look forward to Mother’s day every year. This is the one day I feel zero guilt for not cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, homework or chauffeuring around little people! My mom doesn’t share my enthusiasm for our day of freedom so i’ve had to ease her into the idea of a day for Mothers. Some of our moms are uncomfortable with being pampered and celebrated. If you mom doesn’t let you spoil her on Mother’s day or any day, I’ve shared some ideas to soon having your mom loving Mother’s day as much as you do!

Adjusting to life after marriage … in a new city!

Everyone knows; marriage is a stressful event. There’s no denying it. Add moving to a new city to that equation and you’re left with one terrified bride! I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nafisa Begum, a lovely young woman, who relocated to a different city after her wedding. She was generous enough to share her insights and feelings surrounding her experience. We […]