Ramadan Stories – Ramadan in Indonesia

Asalaamulaikum! Today, i’m excited to introduce a new series on the blog called Ramadan Stories. In these stories, mothers, from around the world, share their most beloved childhood memories of Ramadan. This is the first story in the series. Yasmin Begum is a 55 year old Islamic school teacher with 3 beautiful daughters. Originally from Indonesia, she shares some […]

The Pain of Miscarriage

Almost every woman I know has suffered a miscarriage at least once in her life. Unfortunately, it’s commonality oftentimes transforms this emotionally devastating experience into something ordinary and even a negligible “side-effect” of trying to conceive. I hope my conversation with Haadia Begum, who shares her painful experience surrounding her miscarriage, will help emphasize the continued need for compassion and support for any woman that has suffered a miscarriage.