Stories From Our Kitchen – Traditional Recipes From Pakistan

There is wisdom in traditional cooking. Our grandmothers knew about food! That’s why i’ve decided to share some traditional recipes from Pakistan with you in a new series on the blog called Stories From Our Kitchen! 

In this series, I hope to share everything I learn with you so that we can collectively keep our food traditions alive and continue to pass on the wisdom of traditional cooking to our children inshaAllah.

These past few months have kept me busy in the kitchen, cooking delicious traditional Pakistani food with my mom. I’ve been making a conscious effort to reconnect to my “desi” roots, especially in the kitchen. I had a steep learning curve but enjoyed every minute of it.

With my mom’s guidance, i’ve been recreating the more authentic recipes that my grandmother and her grandmother used to make. For me, these aren’t just recipes that fed the generations before me. Rather, they are the cumulative wisdom of my ancestors that ensured the health and survival of future generations. I finally understand how important it is for me to keep the wisdom of traditional cooking alive. I cannot be the link in this chain that lets this knowledge fade away.

More than ever before, we need the wisdom of traditional cooking to guide us towards health, especially when the majority of us are constantly confused about what to eat. No generation before us was as confused about food as we are. I often run into someone that’s wondering what to eat. What’s healthy? How should I cook? Should I cook at all? Is Raw the way to go? Veganism has it’s benefits but the research behind bone broth is pretty solid!

After years of confusion, experimenting, researching and many long conversations with my parents, I decided to retreat back to traditional cooking. My limited knowledge of science and nutrition (no thanks to Medical school) has somewhat helped me navigate the sea of research and come to my own conclusion; we know very little about food. BUT you know who knew about nutrition and food? Your grandmother! That’s right. She knew exactly what to eat, when to eat it and even exactly how to cook it. So why mess with a good thing?

This past year, my mom has been my constant guide in the kitchen. No matter how ridiculous my questions were or how confused I seemed, she continued to teach me. I’m grateful for her patience and wisdom. Without her wealth of knowledge, i’d be lost, in the kitchen and in life. Alhumdulillah times a million for our mothers!

This is the first of many recipes i’m sharing with you. Full disclosure: when my mom brought home Moongre (aka Radish Pods), I had never heard of this vegetable before in my life! In the end, I really enjoyed this recipe. It was pretty simple to cook and satisfying. Be sure to let me know if you try it! Enjoy!

Moongre Aloo Sabzi – Radish Pods and Potato Curry

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