The Procrastinator’s Guide to Preparing for Ramadan – Mom Edition!

I have a confession to make. I haven’t done anything to prepare for Ramadan! Nothing! I haven’t written down any goals. I haven’t made a fancy ramadan planner. I haven’t bought any cute decorative items for the house to create that “Ramadan vibe” for the kids. Please don’t get me started on those Pinterest worthy arts and crafts projects that everyone else is posting on Facebook. My worst offense of all? I have not wrapped a single samosa or fried a kabob for deep freezing purposes. Girl, I didn’t even buy a bag of those frozen mini samosas from Patel Brothers!

So ladies, if you’re in the same boat as I am, don’t start panicking yet because like all procrastinators, I have a plan. I’ve compiled an uber fancy “Procrastinators Guide to Ramadan Prep”  so that we have a guilt free Ramadan while simultaneously giving our friends and family the impression that we are, in fact, organized Moms who are always on top of their Ramadan game. #Ramadan2017

Ramadan Prep Game Plan 

1. Stop panicking and start getting excited for Ramadan!

  • Allah swt reminds us in Surah Al-Anfal that HE is the Best of Planners. Despite our best planning and efforts, we could never of guaranteed a perfect Ramadan. No one can deliver the perfect Ramadan and honestly, that’s not the point of this month anyhow!
  • My biggest recommendation for you is to start getting excited for Ramadan. Our kids and families feed off our energy. Don’t beat yourself up for being too busy this year. Just start getting excited! Share your favorite childhood ramadan stories with your kids. Ask your husband about how he spent his ramadans before you got married. Listen to some Quran on your drive home from work or in the kitchen.
  • If the only thing you can do right now is create that feeling of excitement in the home, now that you’ve done your job!
  • As mothers, our job is to maintain a peaceful environment at home. If we want peace and joy in home, we have to create it.
  • Trust in Allah swt and HIS plans. Make dua and leave the rest to HIM.

2. Create some Goals for this Ramadan!

Have specific goals in mind for the month and don’t get distracted. While I love using detailed planners and writing out specific goals for every Ramadan, this year I decided to keep it simple. My only goal for this ramadan to seek the pleasure of Allah swt.

No doubt, there are countless benefits of fasting such as training our nafs, increasing our taqwa, developing the habit of waking early for Tahajud prayer (night prayer), becoming healthier just to name a few. This year, I want to fast solely for the attaining the pleasure of Allah swt. Fasting is the one act of worship we do for Allah swt.

The Messenger of Allah Peace Be Upon Him said that: “Allaah said: ‘Every deed of the son of Adam is for him except fasting; it is for Me and I shall reward for it.”-  Bukhari and Muslim

What are your Ramadan Goals? I recommend keeping them simple so you’re not overwhelmed if you’re not able to finish reading the entire Quran. If you find yourself sleep deprived, know that it’s okay to read a little Quran every single day. Be content with your daily efforts and stay consistent. Allah swt loves the small consistent deeds.

Check out my post The Best Way to Start Ramadan  where I share some of Sheikh Suhaib Webb’s advice on setting clear intentions and becoming closer to Allah swt inshaAllah.

If you are detail oriented and want to create a specific schedule, I recommend the the Ramadan Battle Plan planner. I’ve used it in the past and love it! Ramadan Battle Plan

Best resource for the ultimate guide to Ramadan Prep is Productive Muslim! He’s started a Pre-Ramadan Bootcamp podcast specifically for this purpose. Check it out!

3. Welcome Ramadan Gifts for neighbors and teachers

…because you refuse to let your kids be left out of this insanely popular trend!

    • Drive to Dollar Tree.
    • Buy a dozen of those cute mason jars and pretty ribbon.
    • Delegate task of purchasing dates to husband.
    • Ask kids to fill said mason jars them with dates and chocolates.
    • Tie with cute ribbon.
    • Print Ramadan Kareem labels from ModernMuslimHome.
    • Pray to Allah they come out looking something like this by the time you’re done!

  • For extra ‘Awesome Mom’ points:
    • Have the kiddos write 3 things (you’ve hopefully taught them by now) about Ramadan in a greeting card to give your neighbors along with the dates.
    • Make sure you take pictures of the kiddos distributing the dates to your neighbors and teachers for that scrapbook you’ve been meaning to get to since 2010!
    • Post pics on Facebook for instant gratification!


  • Welcome Ramadan Baskets for the kiddos. 
    • Grab a colorful basket and fill it with ramadan themed goodies for the kids.
    • My daughter is too old for a basket this year but in the past, I’ve filled her basket with printable arts and crafts, Ramadan books you can find on Amazon, DIY tasbeeh with beads from the dollar store, small prayer rug, and a ramadan journal to record her favorite memories.
    • Check out this site for more ideas. I believe they’re having a giveaway right now! Ramadan Basket ideas
    • Some books which would be perfect for Ramadan reading.
    • Ramadan MoonIt’s ramadan, Curious George, My First Ramadan, Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

4. Ramadan Home Decor

  • Ramadan Garland Banner
    • Just print the pdf, ask one of the kiddos to cut and attach to string. Put up the banner. Maybe add some string lights around it. Ramadan Banner PDF 
    •  If you’re not feeling anything DIY this year, you still have time to order beautiful handmade banners and decor. Check out my friend’s Etsy shop for some handmade Ramadan decor! Firefly Party Co
    • WithaSpin is another shop which has very cute Ramadan decor, greetings cards, cookie cutters and much more.
  • Ramadan Lights around the house
    • So this is the one “creative” activity i’m delegating to my husband so that I can drink my cup of chai in peace. I need all the caffeine I can get before ramadan starts!
  • Print Ramadan countdown to Eid calendar.
    • This one I enjoy as well because it motivates me to take advantage of the little time we have left in this blessed month.
    • Let the kids markdown the days to Eid.
    • Ramadan Countdown Calendar PDF 
  • Make a Ramadan Wreath (for bonus points)!
    • If you have a wreath already, this is a simple idea!
    • Of course, there are a ton of way cooler ideas of Pinterest but let’s face the facts: I ain’t that crafty!
    • Just have the kids cut out a few stars and crescent moons on glittery paper and hang them around the wreath.
    • Ask your husband to add some string lights.
    • Place on front door.
    • Critical step: Take a picture. Post it on Facebook. Gain instant cool mom status! 

 5. Wait! What about food preparation?

Yeah I’ve got that covered too. This year, I plan to accept as many iftar invitations as possible in an effort to avoid preparing Iftar at home. JUST kidding. Honestly, I plan to keep iftars simple so that I can focus on what really matters; reconnecting with the Quran, maximizing my ibaadah and ultimately strengthening my relationship with Allah swt inshaAllah.

Of course i’ll still be making the usual greasy Pakistani appetizers mostly because my husband craves them instinctively during Ramadan. What I won’t be doing is spending hours in the kitchen trying complicated new recipes which have left me feeling frustrated and too tired for Taraweeh. I’ve decided it’s okay to give ourselves a break from kitchen duty especially in Ramadan.

Lately, I’ve been noticing more families attending iftars at their local Masaajid which is such a great idea! It gives you the chance to socialize with your neighbors as well as attend taraweeh. Honestly, this is a unique opportunity to help your kids connect with the masjid and create long lasting memories that will continue till adulthood inshaAllah. So this Ramadan, I encourage you make an effort to visit the Masjid for iftar and taraweeh. Instead of making 5 dishes, make one and take it to the masjid.

Unfortunately, due to many cultural norms, many woman with young kids cannot make it to the masjid during Ramadan which is a shame. I wish our Masaajid created a supportive environment for all mothers with young kids by offering babysitting. That’s a separate discussion and one I hope we continue to have with our Imams. Only way to become an inclusive community is the start including everyone including the mothers, children, and reverts inshaAllah!

I wish you and your family a very joyous Ramadan!

Be sure to check out The Best Way to Start Ramadan with advice from Sheikh Suhaib Webb!

– Sadaf







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