The Pain of Miscarriage

Almost every woman I know has suffered a miscarriage at least once in her life. Unfortunately, it’s commonality oftentimes transforms this emotionally devastating experience into something ordinary and even a negligible “side-effect” of trying to conceive. I hope my conversation with Haadia Begum, who shares her painful experience surrounding her miscarriage, will help emphasize the continued need for compassion and support for any woman that has suffered a miscarriage.

Transforming Difficult Relationships

  A few years ago, I heard an amazing lecture on marriage and relationships, which had a profound and lasting effect on me. Something the Alima emphasized in that class stayed with me, leaving me incredibly grateful for every relationship in my life, even the difficult ones. When speaking of challenging relationships, the Alima eloquently explained that Allah swt places each person in our […]

Aabideen – A modest clothing line with endless style

Aabideen was first launched in 2014 by entrepreneur, Hemna Begum when she found it increasingly difficult to buy modest clothing for her teenage daughter. In just under five years, Hemna has been able to successfully transform Aabideen into a highly reputable and successful company mashaAllah. Even more exciting, i’m thrilled to announce that Aabideen is set to open it’s first brick and mortar retail store […]

The day after the election

News flash: The man who has no political experience, has openly mocked African Americans and called hispanics rapists, has been elected as America’s 45th President. He has repeatedly called for banning muslims and was caught on tape promoting the sexual assault of women. This man won the election! During his acceptance speech, he said “I pledge to every […]