I remember when my friend…


Do you remember the last time your friend showered you with love and kindness? When is the last time you went out of your to make your friend smile? Today I thought I would bring you a few stories of kindness and love that our readers have shared with us.

Often, a loving gesture towards a friend may not seem like much at the time but it’s impact lingers on long after we’ve forgotten our good deed. I have no doubt that each story you read will leave you inspired to find small acts of kindness of your own to bestow on your friends and family in the coming days inshaAllah.

I remember when my friends started sending me care packages shortly after my brother had passed away. After the funeral, I had to return home, which was a few hundred miles away and my friends knew I would need the extra support and love in the coming months. So to my surprise, they secretly collaborated amongst each other and created a schedule in which a friend would mail me a care package, filled with love and positive messages every week. Over the next few months, my friends had sent me: a beautiful hand made journal, a book of Dua (prayer), a home spa kit, DVDs of funny movies, edible arrangements, boxes of chocolates, and girl scout cookies. I have no words to fully express my gratitude for their love and kindness.



I remember when a good friend of mine opened up his home to me when I needed a place to stay until I sorted out whatever was going on in my life. I felt incredibly lucky to have known such a person. During the time I was staying there, I made sure to cook something for him before he came from work.

I remember when my friend Sally brought me back a miniature Quran from Lebanon. She came over to my home to hand deliver it to me. She knew I was going through some things and took me out and made sure I felt better. I felt very grateful because not only was she there for me as a friend and heard me out, she assured me Allah was with me too. I keep that little Quran in my room now. It reminds me that whatever happens, Allah is with me and it’s in His plan.



I remember when a good friend of mine, who used to live close to me, helped me when my babysitter decided to leave early and I had no one to watch my kids. I was still at work and my husband wasn’t at home either. We couldn’t possibly get home before the sitter left. So I called my friend who was at work herself. She left work early and came home to watch my kids until I got there. That really touched me. I realized the importance of having loving neighbors and good friends close by.

I remember years ago when I was in college and it was that time of the month. I was on campus and found my covered with jilbab covered with blood.  A friend, who at the time was just an acquaintance, went to the bathroom with me clean up the mess. I was shocked when she washed and dried my dirty jilbab for me. I couldn’t believe how much she helped me that day, despite the sensitivity of the situation.  I realized then how loving and selfless she truly was and we’ve been best friends ever since.

I remember when I was interested in buying a traditional outfit for an upcoming wedding from one of my friend’s relatives. I was down to two suits which I couldn’t choose from but eventually settled for one and wore it to the wedding. A few months later, my friend gifted me the other outfit for my birthday. I thought that was such a sweet gesture that cannot be forgotten. She truly treats me like family.

I remember it was Eid and I couldn’t be home to celebrate it with my family because of exams. I was kind of feeling down because I thought it was unfair I couldn’t take a day off to celebrate MY holiday like everyone else gets to for Christmas. My friend, not knowing anything about Eid, got me a cheesecake and wrote “Happy Eid” on it. She even had candles! It was cute that she tried to bring Eid to me. I really appreciated her thoughtfulness!!!


I remember all the times my friends have made me feel loved. Whenever my friends do something for me, it warms my heart. Everything from driving over to my house to drop off biryani for me, dropping off flowers because I was having a hard time with my in-laws, coming over to do dressing on my toes when I was injured are just some of the loving gestures that come to mind. It’s the every day things my friends do for me that make feel special and loved.



I remember when I was going through an especially difficult time in my life. My friend surprised me by asking her husband to drive her to my house at night just so she could give me a hug and a tray of chocolate covered strawberries that she had made just for me. I was so grateful for having her in my life. I will never forget that night.

Do you remember a time your friend went above and beyond for you? When is the last time they made you feel truly loved?

Share your memory with us in the comments below!

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  • Clare

    Great blog. It’s always refreshing to see other womens stories

    • Sadaf

      Thanks Clare!